Get Involved you can help in simple ways

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Join the CAUSE Kids team and get involved! Use your creativity and passion by fundraising, donating or spreading awareness about the CAUSE.

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Choose to build a well or latrine, furnish a classroom, buy a rotor-tiller, or build a school. Get started in a few short minutes and invite all your friends to help! Why not choose to celebrate your next birthday, anniversary, or wedding in a truly unique and spectacular way?
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Sponsor a Child

Enjoy a long-term personal relationship with an individual Sierra Leonean student. CAUSE Kids sponsorship offers children access to the benefits of education regardless of gender, age, race or religion.

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We believe that education will give children opportunity for a positive change. The CAUSE Kids “school centered” model means that with every sponsored student, the entire school benefits from the CAUSE Kids program.

One of the pillars of CAUSE Kids is quality education. We believe that teachers also deserve the opportunity to sharpen their skills and receive formal training and a fair salary. Now you can sponsor a teacher.


Crowdfund a Scholarship

Crowdfunding describes the pooling of donations from several people, to reach a more substantial goal that may be challenging for someone to reach alone. You can crowdfund a scholarship with friends, family, and like-minded strangers to enhance access to education for a Sierra Leonean student.

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Through an innovative and intensely social platform you can easily invite your friends, or join with like-minded strangers to help fund one year of education for a child for an investment of $480. It’s like Kick-Starter for charity!

We believe that education will give children opportunity. As an added bonus, the CAUSE Kids “school-centered” model means that for every scholarship of $480, the entire school benefits from the CAUSE Kids program.


Donate Monthly

Your money will go directly to supporting one of our important CAUSE Kids initiatives. Nelson Mandela says that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, and we thank you for your generous donation!


Are You A Teacher or Student?

If you are an educator or student we’d like to introduce you to two special ways to get involved with your class, school, or other teacher colleagues. The Early Entrepreneurs Experiment is a new exciting program for your class.

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a. CAUSE Canada has launched a new program “The Early Entrepreneur’s Experiment & Poverty Project”. This innovative program provides seed money to Canadian classrooms, and challenges students to make a difference by becoming social entrepreneurs, and creatively raising funds that benefit children overseas.

Through The Early Entrepreneur Experiment, students will learn about the reality of poverty and what poverty means in its most basic form. The program also teaches students about entrepreneurship. Beyond the practical implications, this program provides hands-on experience as students see their business plans come to life, while raising money for life-changing programs overseas.

For more information or to request the experiment at your school or organization please email us at

b. For as little as $35 per month you can help make a difference in the life of a teacher overseas. The success of students rest with teachers, and it is important to ensure the teacher’s family is supported. CAUSE Kids works to train and support teachers so that students can succeed at the highest level and enjoy a quality education.

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Spread The Word

No money, no problem? We appreciate your prayers, support and encouragement. Also, in this new age of intense online connectivity you can help CAUSE Kids through your social network.

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Support CAUSE Kids by sharing our website on facebook, twitter, via email, or by calling a friend and telling them about CAUSE Kids. Every child has a right to food, education, housing, health care, and freedom from fear. EVERY child deserves a life of opportunity, and you can make a difference by spreading the word.

Global Gift Catalogue

For any reason, during any season, partner with CAUSE Canada to provide people in the developing world with life-saving essentials.

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By giving your friends and loved ones gifts from this unique catalogue you can help improve the quality of life for a young child, a family, a school, or a whole community.

Purchase a unique and significant gift on behalf of your loved ones, then send them a CAUSE Canada gift notification to let them know.

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